Beijing is an international city, where you can find anything avaible to buy. One of the best things about shopping in Beijing is the markets. In fact, everything from embroidery, to Beijing Opera Masks, handmade earrings and pearl etc., can be found somewhere in Beijing if you know where to look. The key things to remember: bargain for everything and carry cash. Shopping Tips: Outside of the department stores, credit cards are rarely accepted. It's also highly unlikely you'll be given a receipt. Nevertheless, if you are unhappy with anything, the quicker you take it back, the more likely the shop assistant is to fix or replace any damaged goods.

  •  +8610 6417 7970
  •  Multiple locations: Lido, Chaoyang Park, Sanlitun, Xingfu SanCun.
  • Chaoyang Park West Gate
  •  +8610 6501 6249, +8610 6507 5207
  • East Lake Villas
  •  +8610 6467 8018
  • Green Lake International Apartments
  •  +8610 5928 3525
  • JianWai Soho
  •  +8610 5869 2253, +8610 5869 2326
  • LaiGuangYing Dong Road
  •  +8610 8470 1557, +8610 8470 1679
  • Ritan Bei Road
  •  +8610 8563 0626
  • Sanlitun
  •  +8610 6461 6928, +8610 6462 1396
  • Central Park
  •  +8610 6533 6792

Introduction: Old hands call it the German Butcher, but the sign outside says Schinder's. This spacious and bright shop is a carnivore's paradise. The meat counter features cuts ranging from veal scaloppini to pork loin and whole turkeys. The deli section offers sliced ham, salami and other cold cuts, while the bakery whips up fresh, crusty loaves of bread, pretzel rolls, seven grain bread and baguettes. Also sells wine, coffee, chocolate and more. If you can't wait for dinner, order up a doner kebab from the takeout stand.

Blue Island Mansion (Lan Dao)
Oriental Plaza Mall
China World Shopping Mall
Friendship Store (Main Store)
Scitech Plaza
Scitech Plaza
Guiyou Department Store
Seasons Place
Solana Lifestyle Shopping Park
Shin Kong Place
New World Shopping Mall
The Place
Sanlitun Village
Beijing Raffles City Shopping Mall
  •  No1. Dongzhimen South Street, Dongcheng District
  •  6405 5993

Although this six-storey market, which replaced the original silk street, is owverwhelming touristy, it is filled with everything imaginable from clothing and souvenirs to jewelry, electronics and fabrics. Be prepared for loud and pushy sellers who are accustomed to dealing with foreigners.

  •  8 Xiushui Dongjie, Jianguomen 建国门秀水东街8号
  •  5169 9003

This is another silk market and it's crowded and stuffy. But this market is still worth a visit for all the bargains on suits, silk products and DVDs. Just remember to bargain hard.

Patrolled by diva moms on a budget, Jiayi offers a more upscale and relaxing shopping experience than Yaxiu but with similar bargains on designer brands.

  •  A3 Xinyuan Nanlu, opposite Hotel Kunlun 新源南路甲3号, 昆仑饭店对面
  •  8451 1810

This five storey building contains more than 500 boutiques selling clothing and accessories with most items are picked up from Hong Kong and overseas. The price is not low, so bargin hard. They also offer a huge parking area of 5,000sqm.

  •  33 Sanlitun Beijie 三里屯北街33号
  •  6417 3333

If you wish you were on Sex and City, come to this warren of boutiques to find glam threads like Marc Jacobs jackets and D&G jeans or dresses by hard-to-find designers like Anna Sui and Ctherine Malandrino for only a few hundreds RMB. They're copies, but they are more fashionable and better made than the market knock-offs. Many are large sizes.

A four-storey building with more than 200 stalls, Glasses City features wholesale and retail spectacles at very reasonable prices. Prescription glasses include a free eye exam. Cheaper than anywhere else in town.

  •  64 East 3rd Ring South Road, Chaoyang District

Modern Furniture Market

This Scandinavian brand specializes in modern and affordable furniture and accessories. The Beijing branch is the largest in the world outside Sweden and features everything from desks, chair, wardrobe, to sofas and kitchen sets.

  •  59 Futong Dongdajie, Wangjing, northwest of Siyuanqiao 

This massive mall sells just about every piece of furniture you could imagine at low, low prices.

Featuring Asian and European designs, this trendy expat-favorite sells furniture, antique accessories, dishware, cushions, lamps, lush fabrics, mirrors, pottery and more. Dara's Dashanzi outlet houses a small gallery showing contemporary art.

  •  Zone D, 798 Xijie, 798 Art District, 2 Jiuxianqiao Lu, Chaoyang District 朝阳区酒仙桥2号798艺术新区798西街D区

Antique Furniture Market

The main road of this dusty hamlet is lined with warehouses and showrooms that overflow with reproductions of Ming and Qing tables, opium beds, chairs, benches, stools, drums – you name it. What’s more, the merchants can custom-build whatever you cannot find in stock. Gaobeidian, long considered the antique furniture village of Beijing, is now becoming a more developed retail area with larger stores like Lily’s Living, which also offers antiques on top of a full range of modern furniture.

  •  Outside Dongsihuan, turn right at the Gaobeidian exit of the Jingtong expressway then drive south, Chaoyang District 朝阳区东四环外京通快速路高碑店出口处出来右转往南走

Beijing Antique City (former Beijing Curio City) is the largest Chinese antique trade center in Asia. It has over 600 antique dealers, mainly selling classical furniture, ancient clock and watch, ancient rug, ancient ceramics, celebrity calligraphy and painting, ivory carving, snuffbox, copperware image of Buddhathe, antique chinaware, the Tibetan cultural relic and much more.

Home Decoration

This UK-based company stocks around 40,000 different products in its Beijing superstore, including flooring, bathroom and kitchen materials, doors, windows, paints, hardware, tools, curtains, fabrics, furniture and a fabulous drill section. Multiple locations.

Emoi is incredibly cute and sophisticated with its unique home décor. Almost everything in the store is green or white, with a few exceptions, to play part in the concept of being an environmentally conscious business. From wall clocks and alarm clocks to coasters, tissue boxes, photo albums, candles and aroma vases to even bathroom, kitchen and office accessories, Emoi has all the necessary furnishings and accessories to bring your home to life. While it is somewhat similar to an IKEA or Muji, the quality is better and the prices are comparable and the store itself has a more personable atmosphere. Multiple locations.

The cut bunches and potted plants in the basement will brighten anyone's day. Expect to pay around RMB 40 for a trailing ivy and RMB 50 for a small bonsai tree. And you can also pick up some tropical fish on the first floor.

  •  9 Maizidian Xilu, Chaoyang District 朝阳区麦子店西路9号

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