Wangfujing & Chongwenmen

Wangfujing/Dongdan, is located in the central heart of Beijing, with rows of shopping buildings, such department stores, souvenir stores, book stores, lines of food stalls, painting stores, etc., along the pedestrian WangFuJing Street. It is a "must visit" tourist spot that can’t be missed. WangFuJing is surrounded by 5-stars hotels, office buildings and large shopping malls. As to date, there are very limited accommodation options available for expatriates in this area. But those who do reside here love being surrounded by historical sites and cultural atmosphere, and enjoy the walking distance to their offices, as well as the convenience for shopping and dining-out.


Tian'anmen Square and Forbidden City is within walking distance to this area. The Temple of Heaven is also only a few stations away on Subway Line 5. Hong Qiao (Pearl) Market, not far from the Temple of Heaven, may be the best place in Beijing to buy pearls, coral, amber and other semi-precious stones, as well as handcrafts and souvenirs.

While not a big park, Dongdan Park, features lush plants along both sides of the path for those who like to wander. Many wooden chairs provide a comfortable place to relax if you want to take a breather for a while. Simple sports equipment for old people wanting to stretch or maintain their mobility is provided.

A variety of shopping and entertainment needs can be met by wondering around the Oriental Plaza, New World Center, Glory Mall, Soshow City in this area.

Health Care

  •  Peking Union Medical College Hospital, the state-run hospital has a reputable foreigner's wing with many departments.


Subway Line 1, Line 5 and Line 2 run through this district.

Dongcheng District

Dongcheng District (simplified Chinese 东城区, Dōngchéng Qū, means"east city precinct") is an urban district covering the eastern half of Beijing’s urban core. It is regarded as the middle or heart of Beijing where it is the home of the Tiananmen Square and Forbidden City. Other important places are Wangfujing and Dongdan, as well as the Beijing Railway Station, and Dongzhimen, the transportation hub of Beijing. Chongwen Area was merged to Dongcheng District in 2010.

As part of the Central Imperial City DongCheng District has been and is still a district laced with History, dating from many a historic Era. Although dotted with many museums, relics, landmarks, true monuments and even more Hot-Spots, a growing number of modern shopping malls and office buildings has brought business atmosphere to Dongcheng District.

Subway line 2 (loop line) runs along the north and east edges of the district. Line 1 bisects the district from east to west, and Line 5 from north to south.