Lufthansa & Sanyuan Bridge

Lufthansa area, as referred to as "Yansha" in Chinese, is located along the northeast of 3rd ring road and Liangma River, next to the "Third Embassy Area". With its convenience and accessibility to airport expressway, Lufthansa Area became one of the major business center of Beijing, thus a large supply of office towers and luxury apartments, shopping malls appeared in the last few years. "Third Embassy Area" is the new home for American, Japan embassies etc.


In addition to the old Lufthansa Center, several new shopping centers have been developed in this area, such as the City Mall and Phoenix Mall. The Solana Lifestyle Shopping Center brought charms and enlightened the expatriate living lifestyle; this outdoor shopping center may confuse you into thinking you're no longer in Beijing; over 200 stores will keep you occupied for an entire afternoon, or you can just relax at the indoor ice-skating rink or enjoy a western movie. Not forgetting the famous flower market, Ladies Street bargaining market and many popular restaurants along Xiaoyun Road and Lucky Street.

Those who enjoy bargaining, will have fun in shopping in Yashow Market for clothes/silk/souvenirs, located right next to The Village. Nightclubs, such Babyface, Club LA, Coco Banana, also concentrated in this area.

Health Care

  •  The International Medical Center is located in the Lufthansa Center
  •  Sino-Japanese Friendship Hospital

International School

  •  The German School
  •  The Canadian School of Beijing
  •  The Children's House


Though Traffic is pretty heavy during rush hours, it's not difficult to get around with lots of buses and subway Line 10 available. It's only 5 minutes' drive onto airport expressway. The Airport express rail stops at Sanyuanqiao Station.

Chaoyang District

Chaoyang District (朝阳区, Cháoyáng Qū; means "facing the sun") Chaoyang District extends west to Chaoyangmen on the eastern 2nd Ring Road, and nearly as far east as the Ximazhuang toll station on the Jingtong Expressway. Within the urban area of Beijing, it occupies 475 square kilometers, making it the largest district.

Chaoyang serves as Beijing's diplomatic district. Except for those of Russia and Luxembourg, all foreign embassies to China are located in the district. Chaoyang has three embassy areas in the Sanlitun, Chaoyangmen Wai and Liangmahe neighborhoods. With the concentration of international companies and international schools, Chaoyang is one of the top choices of expatriates’ home.

Chaoyang District is one of the fastest growing districts in Beijing Metropolitan Area. It had constructed several subway lines running through, as well as the airport express rail to Beijing Capital Airport.