Dongzhimen (simplified Chinese: 东直门 pinyin: Dōngzhímén; meaning "East Straight Gate") is the name of one of the gates in the old city walls of Beijing. It is now one of the most vibrant areas in Beijing, with Beijing's largest public Transportation Hub nearby. Neighboring the 2nd Embassy Area and Sanlitun, Dongzhimen is one of the most popular living areas for expatriate families. Despite its central location there are an abundance of trees and the newly renovated canal system is a wonderful place for romantic evening strolls under the willows, with the exercising grannies of course!


Shopping malls like Oriental Kenzo and Raffles City offer a variety of shopping and entertainment. West of Dongzhimen is Guijie, or "Food vessel street" (Dongzhimen Inner Street), extremely well known to locals as a food street. The character for Gui (簋) refers to a round-mouthed bamboo container for food. The name is frequently mistaken for a similar sounding word, meaning "ghost", so some refer to the street as "Ghost street".

Nanxincang was once a granary for the imperial family and court officials during the Ming and Qing dynasties. Now, the 600-year-old imperial granary, a series of graceful old warehouses, has been transformed into one of Beijing's latest popular restaurant quarter and entertainment venues complete with three art galleries, an audio book shop, a teahouse and several bars and restaurants.

1.5 km from Dongzhimen lies the nearby Sanlitun (三里屯) bar street, well-known to the expat community located in the heart of Beijing's North Diplomatic Area.

Health Care

  •  The International SOS Clinic
  •  Hong Kong International Medical Clinic, Beijing

International School

  •  The French School
  •  The British School of Beijing
  •  Ivy Academy


The Beijing subway network has a node stop at Dongzhimen, where Lines 2 and 13 connect.

Dongcheng District

Dongcheng District (simplified Chinese 东城区, Dōngchéng Qū, means"east city precinct") is an urban district covering the eastern half of Beijing’s urban core. It is regarded as the middle or heart of Beijing where it is the home of the Tiananmen Square and Forbidden City. Other important places are Wangfujing and Dongdan, as well as the Beijing Railway Station, and Dongzhimen, the transportation hub of Beijing. Chongwen Area was merged to Dongcheng District in 2010.

As part of the Central Imperial City DongCheng District has been and is still a district laced with History, dating from many a historic Era. Although dotted with many museums, relics, landmarks, true monuments and even more Hot-Spots, a growing number of modern shopping malls and office buildings has brought business atmosphere to Dongcheng District.

Subway line 2 (loop line) runs along the north and east edges of the district. Line 1 bisects the district from east to west, and Line 5 from north to south.