Ambulance service can be reached by dialing 120. If emergency medical assistance in Beijing is needed, it is advisable to take a taxi (or personal driver) to the nearest hospital. Ambulance response times are slow due to the unyielding traffic. Ambulance operators are unlikely to speak English.

Locate the closest hospital in advance, and develop an emergency action plan. Make sure the hospital address in Chinese is easily accessible in the house or carried in a wallet. Local hospitals outside of the foreign insurance programs normally require payment in advance even in emergencies.

The main English-speaking hospitals that have 24-hour emergency rooms are Beijing United Family Hospital and International SOS (Chaoyang District) and New Century International Children’s Hospital (Xicheng District).

Most companies provide medical insurance for employees and family. However if not provided, many options are available. Rates and plans can vary. Contact your HR for enquiries on your medical insurance in Beijing.

Beijing United Family Hospital and Clinics
International SOS
International Medical Centre
Beijing Vista Clinic
American – Sino (Obs/Gyn) (ASOG)
New Century International Children’s Hospital
  •  No.56 Nanlishi Lu, Xicheng District
  •  6802 5588, 8804 6100 (24-hours)

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