With its unique culture and living history, Beijing offers rich educational opportunities for all expatriate families. International schools have grown with the rapid development of the city and changed over the years to meet the needs of Beijing’s diverse expatriate community. You may find embassy-sponsored school, such as German, French, Japanese, Indian, etc. to meet your kids’ native language. You can also choose an international school among the teaching philosophies and various school systems, like Montessori, IB programs, A-level, SAT, etc. With relatively fewer student turnovers in schools and increasing in the number of expatriates working in Beijing, securing space for children in popular schools can be challenging. Availability in certain grade or age ranges is usually tight and early enrollment is definitely necessary.

You should do research on Beijing internationals schools through internet prior to your move. Start a dialogue via email or phone with preferred schools and advise them of arrival date. If there’s one strongly preferred school, submit an application form as soon as possible. Many schools have wait-lists for entry and position on the wait-list can be determined by the date of application submission.

The main language of instruction in the international schools in Beijing is English. If a child struggles in English, start English lessons as soon possible. English proficiency will boost a child’s chances of admission. Mandarin is taught at most international schools at various levels and intensity. Some schools aim at having the children bilingual in English and Mandarin upon graduation. Other schools aim for a rounded exposure to Mandarin, as an additional language, not bilingualism.

Selected Schools & Kindergardens

  • Beijing City International School, International Schools in Beijing
  • Beijing BISS International School (BISS), International Schools in Beijing
  • The British School of Beijing (BSB), International Schools in Beijing
  • Canadian International School of Beijing, International Schools in Beijing
  • French School of Beijing, International Schools in Beijing
  • German School of Beijing(Deutsche Botschaftsschule Peking), International Schools in Beijing
  • Western Academy of Beijing (WAB), International Schools in Beijing
  • Yew Chung International School of Beijing (YCIS), International Schools in Beijing
  • Dulwich College Beijing, International Schools in Beijing
  • Swedish School Beijing, International Schools in Beijing
  • 3e International school, International Schools in Beijing
  • Harrow International School Beijing, International Schools in Beijing
  • International School of Beijing-ShunYi (ISB), International Schools in Beijing
  • Eton International Kindergarten, International Schools in Beijing
  • The Children’s House, International Schools in Beijing
  • The International Montessori School of Beijing (MSB), International Schools in Beijing


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Different international schools have different way of assessment system to admit a child. But all international schools in Beijing use English as their medium of instruction, in another word, if your child is fluent in English on both written and spoken, the child will stand a higher chance to be accepted by the school. A good recommendation from the previous school will be handy as it will enhance your application during the review process.

It is extremely important to provide the schools with a complete application form and all supporting documents required. The more popular schools are usually full with long waitlist; your application will be placed on waitlist basing on the date of your submission.

Usually the first tier schools (more popular schools) have long waitlists all year round; most parents would have a priority list in mind after the preliminary visits to all the schools. Parents would then review more in depth when there are responds from the schools applied. Except for ISB, the other schools charge a non-refundable application fee which varies from RMB1500 to RMB2000 per application.

All international schools in Beijing are classified under top 250 international schools in the world, be wise and flexible, they are all good schools with wide selection for the parents.

School buses are popular and widely utilized by the students. There are enough buses and big range of bus routes connecting most developments in both City and Sub-urban areas. There is at least one bus monitor assigned to each school bus. The bus monitor will have the name list of the children who are riding on the bus and ensure all kids are on board before they leave. All parents are given the contact number of their bus monitor for easy communication.

Yes, there are numerous sports activities cater for kids in schools. School will form school teams for various sports i.e. swimming, badminton, table tennis, rugby, tennis, football, basketball, baseball etc. If your child is selected in the school team, your child will require at least twice-a-week training on that particular sport. Team member will have the opportunity to represent school for inter schools competition within Beijing and overseas competition. A wide range of sports and activities cater for different levels/ages students to participate after school. At least two after-school activities for each child a week.