•   No.4 Yuyang Road, Baixinzhuang, Houshayu, Shunyi District
  •   American-style villas in Section B of the complex (completed in 2004), and Chinese-style villas in section C (completed in 2005), Spanish-style villas in Section B of the complex (completed in 2006). Section A completed in 2009.


Yosemite Villas is one of the most popular expat communities. Located along the Wenyu River Bank, with International School of Beijing (ISB) and British School of Beijing (BSB) just across the road, Yosemite Villas is an ideal place for families with kids. Many types of houses offer a variety of layouts for rent, from Western to Chinese both aiding different needs. Garden-like landscaping, with mature trees, flowers, grass and a huge man-made lake makes Yosemite a wonderful place for your body and soul to relax.

The stylish courtyard inspired homes have unique exteriors. The more conventional American style houses offer plenty of space and include sky-lit spiral stairways. There are excellent club and recreational facilities at Yosemite creating a family friendly expat community.

  •   Gym
  •   Restaurant
  •   Tennis court
  •   Mini-mart
  •   Spa
  •   Children's playground
  •   Indoor and outdoor swimming pool

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