•   No. 42 Liangmaqiao Road, Lufthansa, Dongcheng District
  •   1986 (Japanese Townhouses); 1999 (American houses)


Guangming Villa is located in Lufthansa Area, next to the 3rd Embassy Area. The compound comprises Guangming Hotel, 135 Japanese-style wooden houses imported from Janpan, which are relatively small and low ceiling, and 25 American-style Villas which are fully occupied all year round. Management service is provided by Guangming Hotel. There’s small beautiful park right behind of villas, where kids can ride bikes and play games. Guangming Villas offer great expat home in Beijing downtown.

  •   Gym
  •   Basketball court
  •   Tennis court
  •   Outdoor swimming pool
  •   Football field
  •   Skating rink
  •   Children's playground