•   No.1 Xiangheyuan Road, Dongzhimen, Dongcheng District
  •   2011


Grand (POP) Moma is part of a large complex often called "MOMA" which is composed of an area covering 121,300sqm with the total gross area of 600,000sqm. It is divided into 2 parts (the south zone and the north zone) which include totally 19 residential buildings, two clubs and other facilities. Among those, POP MOMA has 8 buildings with 25 floors. The apartments' design features clean-cut line and white theme.

Grand (POP) Moma, so called "Beijing Linked Hybrid", was designed by Steven Holl Architects. This complex has the largest geothermal heating/cooling and grey-water recycling system which will stabilize the temperature within the complex of eight buildings. The water-circulation system serves as a giant radiator in the winter and cooling system in the summer. It has no boilers to supply heat, no electric air conditioners to supply cool. However, "the Linked Hybrid" project has attracted many criticisms, among which is that its brand of green luxury won't come cheap.

  •   Gym
  •   Indoor swimming pool (Alexander Club)
  •   Sauna
  •   Sports bar
  •   Lounge bar
  •   Supermarket
  •   Broadway cinematheque